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Why Using Conversational Hypnosis Is Perfect For Creating Incredible Sexual Desire

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How do you get a girl to like you? Buy her flowers? Wear a Million dollar watch? Impress her with your mad skills in bed? Just be yourself? Pretend to be somebody else? In truth, all of these could work.
But they don't work for the reasons most guys think they work.
Sure, girls like money, fantastic sex, and guys with exciting personalities, lifestyles and jobs.
But not for those reasons.
Think about a typical dating strategy.
You show up on time, bring her flowers, and take her to dinner.
Why do you do that? Is she going to consciously decide to like you based on what you've done? Does she carry around a laundry list in her head? Attraction is an automatic response to certain emotions.
She either feels it or she doesn't.
She may feel it if you take her to a fancy restaurant, with violin players and expensive wine.
But it's not the violins and wine she's attracted to.
It's those feelings that are happening underneath the external content.
Just like there's more than a few ways to skin a cat, there's plenty of ways to get her feeling those amazing emotions.
Sure, guys that are tall, good looking, and leave trails of hundred dollar bills wherever they go have an advantage.
But you don't need any of that if you know a little bit of hypnosis.
Because with hypnosis, you can create those feelings through your conversation.
Most guys just try everything and hope something works.
But when you talk to her with the special patterns in conversational hypnosis, or the Milton Model, you go directly to the source.
You can get her feeling excitement, comfort, curiosity, and the feeling of discovering something wonderful.
How do you do this? Tell stories that focus on the emotions you'd like to elicit.
Then get her thinking of times in her past when she felt those very same emotions.
Then take those emotions, and using some spatial anchoring, get her associating those emotions with you.
Often times, you won't even need to use spatial anchoring.
You'll be telling stories that are centered around excitement, she'll be sharing her own memories of excitement.
All the while she'll be looking at you, and subconsciously making the connection.
You'll find this is much better than going on and on about your skydiving exploits, or making sure she knows you drive a BMW and work in the financial district.
So long as you look halfway decent, the right patterns will send her emotions to those wonderfully high levels of sexual attraction.
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