Faith is the Constance of Life

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When we ask for something, we should act as though we already have it.
We should be clear about what we want without limiting ourselves to what God can give us.
Have you noticed sometimes when you want something so much but you did not receive it? This was because you did not ask in faith so then it will not come to you.
God promises us that if we seek him he will reward us for our diligence to him.
Sometimes the things that we ask for may not come as quickly or as easily as we would have hoped for but it comes at the right time and in the right way.
Do we always deserve what we ask for? Are the things we ask for always right for us? When we ask for something it should be in our best interest.
It should fulfill our destiny and what God wants for us.
Many people give up on their hopes in believing in their dreams far too soon because they are not seeing any results.
When we give up we loose all hope and that is the time when what we have been praying for may be within reach but we were not willing to wait a moment longer.
When we do not wait and we seek to find something on our own we may find something or be in a situation that may ultimately destroy us because it was not the will of God.
Have you ever heard of the term 'In good faith'? This is often used in business situations when a customer is offered something with the assumption that the intent will be honored.
This is the kind of faith that we should have is our daily lives as well.
We must trust that when we help others it will be acted upon in good faith.
God sees our love and devotion to others and rewards us accordingly.
You do not have to worry that you gave something to someone but you did not get it back.
God notices everything that was done in good faith and he will remember your prayers.
When you forgot about that thing you were praying for, God did not forget because you chose to take your mind off of yourself and help someone else who was in need.
With all certainty God loves us and wants the best for all of us.
He said he would not leave or forsake us and that is why he will give us the desires of our hearts if it is in the context of his purpose for our lives.
Having faith is the constancy that makes up the framework of life.
It consistently believes that you will have everything that you want and have been praying for in abundance.

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