Grow Your Home Business

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Growing your business, and that is how working from should be regarded, usually leads to plans of expansion. Working from home over the internet presents a whole raft of opportunities for expansion and there are key strategies to employ to identify them.

The first thing that you have to do, though, is to think about what way you want to expand. If you are working at home part time in order to generate a little extra income, then your available time is finite and you want to focus on maximizing the profitability of the hours you spend working, not drastically increase the amount of projects you take on.

On the other hand, if you are working from home full time, but you don't have enough work to fill your week, you want to look for ways to increase your workload.

A Monthly Analysis

Go through your work records and write out a list of every job that you have worked on in the past month. Include in this list the amount of time you spent on each job and the amount of money you made. You can also, when appropriate, note down which work resulted in repeat business, whether it is ongoing, or whether it came to you as the result of a referral. So do some quick calculations to work out how much you earned per hour with each project and rank them highest to lowest.

This list is what will assist you in determining how to increase your income. As far as one-time jobs go, look to see if there is a pattern for the kind of work you did versus what you were paid. As an example, if you write web content and discover that writing blog posts gives you a much better return on your time, then look for more opportunities to write these in the next month.

Projects that are ongoing or repeat business should be examined to see how profitable they are compared with those based on hourly rates of pay. Do bear in mind that while these may not net you as much on occasions, they are valuable income that is guaranteed for the month ahead.

Depending on the exact type of work that you do and the exact method of payment, you may need to adjust the parameters of the list, but just by looking at your work history, you'll be able to see what areas are the most profitable for you, and these areas are the ones you want to explore more in the coming months.

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