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Don"t Even Think of Building an MLM Business If You Suffer From These 3 Personality Flaws

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So you might have the idea that running an MLM business is easy and can earn you tens of thousands of dollars every month.
It is true that some people hit the jackpot when they start out to build their network marketing empire but this is because they were persistent, consistent, and highly ambitious.
They share the traits that all expert businessmen have and they know the secrets in running a successful MLM business.
Then there are also the traits that you need to avoid.
These are the personality flaws that will almost instantly bring you down.
So, take the time to consider whether you have these personality flaws before you even think about starting your own MLM business.
The Fear of Rejection In network marketing you will be dealing with people and lots of them.
You might start small by having to go out and market the product and the company to your friends and family but sooner or later you'll need to talk to strangers.
You'll have to do seminars, you'll have to call people on your email lists, and you'll always have to give some presentations.
The truth is more than 80% of them will reject the offer.
Very few will become distributors and very few customers will even consider buying the product.
A lot of people will say negative things about network marketing or will even downright insult you and your line of business.
Others will just plainly ignore your efforts.
Rejection is common in MLM and you need to get over that if you have any plans of succeeding.
You Easily Quit If you are prone to quitting when things turn bad then don't step into an MLM business.
It will get tough, especially during the early stages.
As mentioned above, as you start out very few people will sign up as distributors under your wing and very few consumers will become returning customers.
You need to survive the bad start until things become a bit more stable, a bit more organized.
You can't expect thousands of dollars to roll in the very first month of working.
It probably won't even happen in the next 2-6 months.
If you are a quitter, each project you start will crumble before they even hit the halfway point.
There won't be any progress because you are stopping them prematurely.
People who get discouraged by small, incremental progress usually quit and never get to see the other side of the fence.
You Are Disorganized There's no doubt that an MLM business is a lot of work.
You'll be managing several web pages, blogs, a lot of email lists and contact information, and all of the information on your products and the company.
If you cannot keep things organized you will get lost in the mountain of information.
Things can and will become overwhelming if you can't keep one set of files apart from the other, or if you cannot organize your leads correctly.
When you're out there giving a presentation about your MLM business and you fail to mention several key benefits because you got lost in the myriad of thoughts then the audience will lose their faith in you, and therefore in the product.
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