How Do You Become Rich?

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There are lots of rich people in the world.
There are lots of people in the world who have lots of possessions that are not spiritually rich.
There are lots of the worlds poorest people that are very happy.
So what does all this mean? The first definition of rich in the Oxford Dictionary is "having a great deal of money or assets.
The fourth definition for me is an interesting one, "plentiful, abundant".
These two definitions are very different in their meaning, with the first particularly focused on being around "material items", and the latter being more spiritually based.
So, there are lots of definitions of the word.
How do you become rich? First you need to identify what rich is.
This may be for some people, spiritually enlightened, where as for others this may mean driving around in expensive cars and owning a private jet and anywhere in between these two polar opposites.
Why do you need to determine what your definition of rich is? Well otherwise how will you know when you have become rich if you do not have a measure of what it is you are looking to achieve.
The only challenge I would throw in at this point, is around happiness.
You may aspire to be exceedingly wealthy and have lots of material possessions.
Does that necessarily make you happy though? This is the question.
For most people, the material possessions are a result of their being successful in whichever area they are working.
So, becoming successful may be the goal which you set yourself.
This is more difficult to measure and is less tangible than owning a Ferrari or several houses or whatever the goal is that you have set yourself.
So if we agree that in fact it is becoming successful which is what we are aspiring to do, how do we measure our happiness? This is an extremely complex area! I have recently come across an iPhone application that lets you record every day how you are feeling.
Whilst I mention this as an off the cuff remark, there is clearly something more interesting behind the process of recording how we are actually feeling on a daily basis.
If at the end of every day we are feeling upset, frustrated or any number of negative emotions perhaps it is time that you began to make some changes.
Just because you have lots of money or assets, does not necessarily mean that you will be happy.
It is always better to get yourself in a happy place and then begin to acquire the material possessions which you desire.
So if we set ourselves a goal of what it is we want to achieve and how this will make us feel and most importantly when we want to achieve it by, this will genuinely set the wheels in motion.
Now, if you have put lots and lots of effort into doing whatever it is that you believe will make you happy and you feel that you are running out of time.
Do not just give up.
You may be so very close! If you've read Napolean Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, there is an example that is used on many occasions where a chap was literally several feet from gold and he gave up! Do you think he ever gave up again!!

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