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Piano Lessons For a Fiver - Review

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Over at Mikes Music Blog you will find piano lessons for a fiver, that's five English pounds or about ten dollars.
So what do you get for your fiver, is it any good for this price? I am going to give you my personal review of this piano course.
I will tell you the good and bad about it and whether this piano course is worth it.
Piano lessons for a fiver - Is it a scam? It is amazingly cheap for a piano course but I can confirm it is not a scam.
I decided to give this course a try.
I have an old keyboard getting dusty, so why not, it's only a fiver.
The piano course itself is a download and after you pay your money, you get an email with a password and link to the download area, enter your password and download your course, simple as that.
What do you get for a fiver? When you have downloaded this course and unzipped it, you have a folder with five PDF books.
The main e-book is called appropriately "Lesson 1" and contains twenty-seven pages, some of which contains advertisements.
The other books are according to the sales page bonus books to compliment the aforementioned "Lesson 1" book.
I wont go into the other books here because there a lot to go into, but already this course is looking like is worth a lot more than the asking price.
You can learn to play piano with this course I will be very clear at this point.
This course is for beginners, that is a person that has never touched a keyboard before.
It teaches you the basics of music, there are plenty of pictures and diagrams and the language used is easy to follow.
Now, I can play a little bit, well I've dabbled and I new most of what was in this book, but I still managed to learn something new and also things I thought I new, explained better.
So for that alone it was worth the five pound I paid for it.
How long will it take to complete Well, it took me a couple of weeks but then I already knew some of it.
On the sales page at Mikes Music Blog, it says between one and three months, which I would have to say, is about right.
What are the bad points about this course? There's good and bad in everything and my gripe with this course is the amount of advertising within the books, it doesn't distract you, but it is a personal gripe of mine.
Also, the download procedure could be made clearer.
I had some problems with the password at first but after emailing Mike Shaw at Mikes Music Blog he sorted the problem out which actually was my own fault.
My Conclusion If you are a beginner or maybe you need a refresher course and you want to learn to play a piano or any keyboard instrument, then this course is ideal.
It's defiantly worth the money and will give you a start at playing the piano.
If you can already read music and you know the basics then this is not for you.
My overall experience with this course has been a positive one and I give it a score of nine out of ten.
The adverts stopped it getting a ten.
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