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Take This Emotional Eating Disorder Quiz and See If You May Have A Problem

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Many of us fall victim to emotional eating.
Some of us don't even realize that we may have a problem.
But emotionally over eating can lead to a seriously obsessive-compulsive behavior that if not treated can be devastating.
This quiz will help you identify if you show signs of emotional eating.
When I go out to eat and have a delicious meal I: a) Enjoy it immensely but I stop as soon as I feel satiated.
b) Feel such a great deal of comfort & pleasure.
I completely indulge myself by eating more than I should.
c) Slowly savor it & tell the waiter to put it in a doggy bag so I can continue to enjoy it later.
If you answered B then you show signs of emotional eating.
It's perfectly fine to feel comfort and pleasure when eating.
However when those feelings become habitually synonymous with your eating habits this can lead to a seriously dangerous path.
I just had an extremely stressful day.
In order to relieve some steam and release tension I will: a) Go to the gym and take that kickboxing class that I have been wondering about.
b) Finish off the tub of cookie dough ice cream in the freezer.
c) Go home and kick the dog & curse at the kids.
If you answered B then you definitely show signs of being an emotional eater.
Stress is a leading cause of emotional eating.
It provokes us to immediately indulge in our favorite foods to make us feel better.
Although, I will admit if you answered C, the thought of physically assaulting domestic animals and verbally abusing children is quite disturbing.
If I ate a full meal less than 30 minutes ago but my best friend just called and asked me to go to our favorite restaurant I will: a) Go with her and eat again.
I enjoy sharing the company of my good friends while I eat.
It'll be fun! b) Tell her you just finished eating and ask her to take a rain check.
c) Go with her just to share her company and chat.
I might pick at an appetizer but no entree for me.
If you answered A then there is a strong possibility that you are emotionally dependent on food.
Using an excuse like communal bonding to indulge in eating when you already consumed a meal less than 30 minutes ago is not healthy behavior.
Examine the situation from a 3rd person perspective and you can plainly see how you may have confused your emotional attachment for friendship with food.
Go back and carefully look over each answer.
Count how many you got wrong.
If its 2 or more then you might want to seriously reflect how you feel about food and how you may be able to make adjustments in you life that will help you to prevent emotional eating.
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