Clearing it Up All Wrapped Up in a Nut Shell

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There is a real secret to this game of network marketing and it takes a little bit of your time to get it all set up.
Once it is set up however, then you can play and rest and relax.
You will be a recruiting machine and everyone who knows you will be impressed.
Here are the steps without the explanations you need to follow to become successful in NM.
Set up your affiliates to monitise your advertising.
You must have say around 20 that will pay you anywhere from .
30 a piece to $100.
00 just for recommending who sites work.
Set up Your Social Networks.
My Space, FaceBook, Squidoo and YouTube.
Also along with those you must be plugged into some great training like BetterNetworker.
com and others that DK, Mike Dillard and Norbert are Plugged into.
Once you have those basic steps in line, you must learn how to start using them to generate leads.
You will want to do Home made Video's of yourself as a leader, Set up your own Landing page to recoop your Leads.
You must have a solid auto Responder like AWeber.
This will communicate with each one of your leads with email without you having to pay any attention to them.
Pre Written Letters to each lead.
You will need to start with a small amount of money to generate so action if you want to get started quicker.
I recommend a Program like Virulurl.
IT will send out 3000 emails a day to find you new partners.
This is a must.
READ Mike Dillards Book MAGNETIC SPONSORING before you begin advertising.
Do Not Advertise Your Opportunity! 6.
Last but not least, spend an hour a day doing search engine surfing and get credit for doing it.
This is a least expensive way to generate Leads.
All it costs is your time.
I have done this from memory and may have left something out, For that I am sorry and will try to make up for it in the next article.

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