What are the Different Bet Types?

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The current most popular games for betting are both professional and college football.
Although professional and college basketball also gets a far share of bets.
Within these sports and others, there are multiple opportunities for betting.
The most popular form of bet for these games is on the game's outcome.
To do this you bet on the money line or the winner of the game.
Another common bet that is used in all the major team sports is Points Scored.
In this bet, type you wager on the amount of scoring that will occur in a game.
If a game has an Over/Under total of 48 then you would bet on whether or not there will be more or less than 48 points scored in a combination of both teams during the game.
Therefore, if the teams scored 24 and 21, making the total 45 those who bet Under win.
There is also a Future Bet types.
In these bets, you will place a wager on who is going to win an upcoming event.
Sportsbooks will offer betting on everything from the Super Bowl to the Academy Awards and anything in between.
An advantage to this type of betting is that fact that you get an increased advantage by betting in advance.
There is also Proposition or Prop Bets.
These bets focus on the exotic sides of a game that is usually very popular are television.
Prop bets are most commonly seen during the Super Bowl.
Props Bets can be placed on things such as who wins the coin toss, which players scores the first touchdown, what will be the margin of victory and other exotic events during a game.
There are two popular bet types.
One is the Straight Bet, which is an individual wager on anything from a straight win on the money line to an over/under win.
The second is Parlay is a single bet that combines two or more individual wagers.
To win the wagers much be won together.

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