Sweating Profusely? Read On

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Sweating is a normal process, that your body uses to control it's temperature.
Profuse sweating during exercise, or an intense activity is normal.
However, about 5% of people sweat almost constantly - even in cold weather.
Scientists have given a name for this condition - hyperhidrosis.
They are not yet sure what are the causes of profuse sweating, but we know that some people have over-active sweat glands If you're reading this article, you probably know what it's like to be embarrassed by the sweat spots under your arms, or the tiny droplets of sweat forming on your forehead.
Not to mention the constant wetness on your palms, which is quite embarrassing when you give a handshake to someone - especially in business situations.
Today, people often link sweating with not showering, or being "dirty".
That is not true of course.
The problem becomes even worse in hot weather - bacteria starts to grow on the skin, causing a foul smell - nasty, huh? If you're one of the people who sweat a lot, you should take regular showers - minimum 2 per day.
You should stop eating spicy and unhealthy foods - they cause a buildup of toxic chemicals, which your body can only excrete through the skin.
Wear loose clothing made out of polyester.
Going as far as having surgery, or botox injections is not recommended - these methods are very expensive, and don't work 100% of the time - not to mention the side effects.
Over the counter anti-perspirants are not recommended either - they contain aluminum-based chemicals, and have a tolerance effect - their effectiveness diminishes after a few weeks.

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