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How to Share a Monitor & Keyboard

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    • 1). Set up the two computers with all cables attached, except for the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Most KVM switches come with cables that are less than 6 feet in length, so the computers will need to be set up within a few feet of each other. Set up the monitor near the two computers, and insert the power plug into an electrical outlet.

    • 2). Plug the power supply for the KVM switch into the back of the switch and plug the other end into an electrical outlet.

    • 3). Plug the monitor, keyboard and mouse into the ports on the front of the KVM switch. Some KVM switches use PS/2 ports, while others use USB ports. If your KVM switch uses PS/2 ports, plug the keyboard into the purple port and the mouse into the green port. For KVM switches that support USB devices, plug the keyboard and mouse into any port.

    • 4). Plug one set of cables leading out of the back of the KVM switch into the first computer's monitor, keyboard and mouse ports. Plug the second set of cables into the second computer's monitor, keyboard and mouse ports. If the KVM switch supports USB devices, plug each set of cables into the USB and monitor ports on each computer.

    • 5). Turn on each computer and allow them to boot up. If the KVM switch is connected to each computer through the USB ports, the operating system will load the KVM switch drivers, after which a message will be displayed indicating that the hardware is installed and ready to use.

    • 6). Turn the knob or flip the switch on the KVM switch to change between computers. If there is no knob or switch, consult the KVM switch user's manual for the keyboard shortcut. Press the keys for the keyboard shortcut to switch between each computer. Test for keyboard and mouse functionality, as well as for monitor signal.

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