The Red Ring of Death - What You Need to Know!

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Sooner or later, it would seem that most Xbox 360 users are going to experience the dreaded red ring of death! Its almost inevitable due to the 54.
2% failure rate of the Xbox 360, though many, including myself feel that the percentage is much higher than that! It is certainly not much fun having your gaming experience rudely interrupted by a piece of technology that should be better than that! Microsoft is of course well aware of the problem and has taken steps, some time ago actually to make things a little bit less painful for us gamers by extending the warranty to cover the red ring of death, in fact, they spent about $1 billion getting that sorted out! However, as helpful as that is, it still doesn't provide a quick solution to the problem.
Sure, you can send your console back to Microsoft and get a replacement free of charge under the new warranty, but the question is, can you really wait several weeks to get one? I know when the red ring of death happened to my brothers console, he sent it to Microsoft as it was still under warranty, but it took weeks for a replacement and this was more than he could handle! As a very avid gamer, he played Halo 3 night and day for weeks on end, (probably the reason why his Xbox 360 packed up on him!), and he just could not cope without it! As a result, he borrowed mine for a week, as I wasn't using it much at the time, and that kept him sane until his replacement came! Due to the fact that many Xbox 360 gamers just cannot cope with having to wait for what seems to us, years!, they have resorted to fixing their console themselves.
Now as risky as this may sound, it is in fact a lot easier and safer than you may think, if you go about it the right way of course.
Some gamers are so desperate that they will try anything to get their console working again, but sadly, because they have not went the right way about it, they have, in many cases, made matters much worse, some even destroying their consoles altogether, by using such methods as the towel trick or the ice bath! (don't even get me started on those ridiculous and dangerous methods!).
The simple fact is that you can repair your Xbox 360 all by yourself and without having any technical know-how.
It is just a case of going the right way about it.
Personally, I would highly recommend that you get a respectable guide that will show you exactly how to make the repairs yourself.
There are many available, just make sure you get a good one that also includes video so you can see first hand how to do it properly.
You will be amazed at how simple it is!

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