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Why a Strategy Guide May Prove Useful for SWTOR

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Star Wars the Old Republic can be an intimating game to newcomers.
Especially to those who aren't used to playing massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.
The game is open-ended, so to speak, allowing you to roam around and do nearly anything you want without much direction.
The missions can be somewhat difficult to follow as they don't always give you clear steps on exactly where to go or what to do and even the simplest of tasks, such as gaining experience or credits, can be confusing.
These are just a few reasons why a strategy guide may be something you'll want to pick up to play SWTOR.
What SWTOR is About When you first start up SWTOR you'll be prompted to select your side (the Republic or the Empire), race and class.
Believe it or not, these are important steps that you're presented with right from the beginning.
In order to select a character that will truly be best for you you'll need to consider your own playing style, how you wish to play SWTOR and the key benefits of each class to make an educated decision.
All this in just the first couple of minutes of launching the game.
Once you've selected a primary class and race you'll immediately be thrown into the game's story mode.
Each class has it's own unique, class-based storyline on top of the main storyline (Republic or Empire).
In other words, a Sith Inquisitor will have different missions and objectives to complete than a Sith Warrior.
Missions range from simple tasks such as killing droids or alien slugs to retrieving lost artifacts and items.
They also range greatly in difficult.
Some missions are labeled as "heroic" and require you to either have a companion (a sidekick-like character you obtain during your class progression) or another player with you to help you beat the quest.
These missions are difficult but yield great rewards including tons of experience, credits and unique item drops.
How a Strategy Guide Can Help Strategy guides give you the upper hand in the game.
They provide valuable information such as maps of important locations, strategies of how to beat even the hardest missions, tips for class build setups, how to obtain the best gear, how to make tons of credits, how to play your best during PvP battles and much, much more.
The best guides even go over the specifics of the game such as how to start crafting items such as armor sets and weapons.
They also provide pro secrets of how to level up your crew skills and your character quickly with focus on the best stats that will help you defeat hordes of enemies and destroy opponents in PvP, too.
Some guides even provide powerful builds for each class to help you get a headstart on creating an unstoppable character.
Conclusion If you are new to Star Wars the Old Republic or new to MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role-playing games) in general, a strategy guide can help you greatly.
It can mean the difference between you roaming around aimlessly to building a strong character and progressing through the class missions quickly.
SWTOR can be confusing, even for seasoned players.
A well-written guide can help you become a better player and achieve your goals within the game.
If you're stuck or just don't have a clue, pick one up.
It can be a life saver.
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