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As a student or new driver just entering into a truck driving career, the number one question on your mind is whether or not a particular trucking company is a "good" one. The question, "Is this a good company to work for?" is asked of me practically on a daily basis. You will hear good things about a company and you will hear bad things about a company...that is just the nature of the business. You may have researched many of the driver forums across the internet to see what drivers are saying about a certain company. Usually, by the time you get done with many of these forums, you are more confused than when you started.

No one company can make 100% of their drivers happy. This is the case in any business. It is just human nature. This is why there will be ten drivers who will speak positive of a trucking company, and then twelve other drivers will speak negative about the same company. Also, many times a recruiter or dispatcher can log in on the forum and post only good things about the company. There is also the factor concerning the old saying, "There is always two sides to a story." A driver could be blasting a particular company but how do you know that the driver was really not the one at fault? All these forums are good tools to use in order to check out trucking companies or particular truck driving jobs, but they are not 100% fool proof.

One thing about truck drivers is that they have no problem when it comes to speaking their minds. But after spending hours and hours searching through the forums and sorting through pages and pages of company listings, you may still find yourself totally confused on what to believe. Furthermore, your one question, "Is this a good company to work for" is still left unanswered. Have you ever done a search for "best trucking companies?" You will find many pages showing a list of trucking companies, but that is all it is...a list. You still have no idea which company is a "good" one or which company is a "bad" one. It can be very frustrating, to say the least.

When searching for the right trucking companies or the best truck driving jobs, one must take into account several aspects of criteria:

  1. How long has the company been in business?

  2. What is their turn over rate?

  3. What is their starting pay?

  4. What are there actual mileage average?

  5. How quickly are their earning increases?

  6. How easy will it be for them to get you home?

  7. What are there freight lanes?

There are many questions that should be answered and researched before you simply pick a trucking company as your employer. Are there good companies out there? Absolutely! Finding them is the key. Locating a "list" of trucking company "names" will not help you at all. You want a "list" of only the names of trucking companies that are considered to be the best of the best, as well as "why" they are considered the better ones. If you cannot find the "why"...then what is the purpose of the list?

As a student or new driver, or even as a driver who just has not yet found that one company that treats their drivers fairly and honestly, locating the best truck driving job can be a struggle. Do your homework. Investigate each company to other drivers...check them out with the Better Business Bureau...continue to read the forums...anything you can do in order to get the right "feel" for the company. Then, with all the information you've acquired, utilize your best judgment in choosing.

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