Any time is available to do exercise

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Theoretically, when dusk, atmospheric oxygen concentration is the highest, People feel most sensitive, coordination ability is the strongest, the body has the strongest adapt ability and develop ability. More addition,  blood pressure is very low and stable , so as well as heart rate. It is really a good time for exercise. However, that doesn't mean the day of rest is not suitable for sports, said experts.

Different people exists obvious differences. Different cardiovascular function and physical condition people ought to have different time, frequency, exercise method. We should say that exercise time is not important. Everyone is different.If conditional allowed, expert proposal, you had better according to the healthy check-up and your calendar and dietary laws.

Moreover, many office staff is doing extra work, and others are on the way home. It is a busy time. It is not realistic to put aside an hour to do sports every day.

In fact, we can select any time except half hour before or after meals or one hour before sleep. However, if you do exercise in the morning and has formed the habit, don't change it.

Here is a good but easy manner to check you whether the way of sports or the time of sports are suitable or not. if you are full of spirit after doing sports a period of time, good appetite and sleep quality, so congratulations you, your exercise is very appropriate. On the contrary, if you often feel sleepy, the number of beats per minute more than six times more than ever before, and this means you movement in excess should be adjusted under the guidance of doctors.

Further more; we should have some change when we do sport. Such as running, at start time you should be short, speed slowly. Then when you acclimatize yourself to it after a period of time, you can gradually run extended and run faster.

As the saying goes:  Teach a man fishing is better than give the fish. Specialist warmed us. To some extent, it is very important to develop sports interest and self-training ability. A lot of studies pointed out that sports on ones own is more effective than passive exercise.

If people do initiative exercise, they will feel happy with better endocrine system and  centralized mind. It is difficult to be wounded. If you are in passive emotion, you will be full of complaints, emotional confront with physical rebel, muscle coordination ability is in low condition, so it is more likely to result in sports injury.

What need warm is that exercise is not enough to our body health. To those elementary and secondary school students, they should sleep 9 ~ 10 hours.  If they do exercise early instead of necessary sleep; it is not good to their health.  As long as enough sleep, balanced nutrition as well as proper motion can achieve health body. In addition, before the morning exercise, eat some liquid foods like milk, beverages; avoid by all means hollow.

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