The Facts About Temporary Car Insurance For Young Drivers

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In the UK there are a number of different types of vehicle insurance to cover different uses and activities.
Most of us do not know about these other types of car insurance until we actually need to use them.
One such type of policy is the temporary insurance or daily policy.
When it comes to insurance young drivers get a bad deal, it's not because you are a particularly bad driver.
In fact you could be the best driver around but your insurer is not going to care about that.
Insurance companies only care about the group or category you come under generally.
If you happen to be young, particularly under 25 then you will find that this means a hefty premium on any policy you take out.
Sure, as you accumulate your years of no claims you will soon start seeing your premiums fall quite dramatically.
Of course to get those no claims you have to have been driving for those years to earn them in the first place.
That doesn't help your situation now.
There is a type of policy that allows you to drive fully insured just when you use the car.
This could significantly cut the cost of your motoring especially if you do not need to drive for long period during the year.
A typical policy for a young new driver with a pretty standard UK vehicle could easily cost into the thousands.
A lot of money considering you may have not even paid that much for the car.
There are a couple of solutions, for the under 25 year old, there is the daily insurance policy that allows you to insure yourself to drive for days at a time.
This could means getting cover for a day or the weekend or any period of time up to 28 days.
However if you are under 21 you will not be able to get this type of insurance.
The second type of policy is a monthly one which works much the same way as daily cover except it is taken out a month at a time with only 1 month of commitment.
Unlike the daily version you can be as young as 17 to take out this type of cover.
It is a great way to cut the cost of motoring by getting insurance as and when you need it.
You can also get insured to drive other people cars if you do not have your own vehicle and want to borrow a car from a friend or relative.

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