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Details Matter For Your Trade Show Exhibits: 3 Things You Might Not Have Thought Of

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Many companies realize that their trade show exhibits are extremely important when they're trying to impress potential customers at a marketing event. However, a large exhibit isn't the only important thing at the event. Take the time to think about the details, such as flooring, lighting and promotional materials. You might be surprised to find out just how important these details are.

Flooring For Trade Show Stands

Why does flooring matter? After all, your exhibition hall will likely have a floor already, right? While this is true, the floor of the event center will probably be made of concrete or another hard surface and this is will not be comfortable for your employees to stand on all day. Using a special carpet pad or rubber flooring can have a big impact on how your employees' feet will feel at the end of the day. However, comfortable feet aren't the only benefit to using specialized flooring. Many companies choose to purchase a carpet or other flooring system that's printed with their logo or choose shades that coordinate with the colors in their trade show displays.

Why Lighting Is Important For Trade Show Displays

Many events take place in a large event center or exhibition hall, where the light fixtures are extremely high in the air. Because the light fixtures are so high, it can be difficult to illuminate special sections or features of your trade show stands. Many marketers choose to use track lighting, spotlights, backlighting or even illuminated flooring to really make an impact at their trade show exhibits. Lighting helps draw in the eye to a particular spot on the display, which is ideal if you want your customers to notice one area before others. If you're not sure how to use lighting to improve your display, consider asking a company that designs trade show stands for help.

Don't Forget About Promotional Materials

While you want your trade show displays to make an impact, realize that visitors will be seeing many, many displays throughout the day. To help make yours stand out, make sure you have promotional materials for visitors to take with them and reference later. It's best if your promotional materials have the same type of look and theme as your exhibits so that they can help solidify your brand in their minds. Use the same colors, include your logo and even use the same font to help create a feeling of continuity throughout your marketing materials. The results will be subtle, but it will be enough to help your brand stick out in your customers' minds.

Now that you realize how important flooring, lighting and promotional materials are, what other details should you focus on? Don't forget about the small stuff -- oftentimes these details can help your business stand out among all the others. While your display should take center stage, it's important to include strategically placed lighting, a comfortable floor and promotional materials that will help your business stay in a customer's mind long after the event has ended.
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