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Promotional Umbrellas - The Importance of Colour For Advertising

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Just how important is colour to the effectiveness of a promotional umbrella? As with any kind of medium, colour plays a significant part in conveying the message across to a vast number of people.
Remember that these are not meant to address individual readers.
They were meant to 'speak' to a crowd of people.
Just how important is colour in advertising, and what role does it play in convincing people to keep your and use your gift? The role of colour: The perception of colour is one of the central features of human sight.
Colours themselves convey messages across.
Though people have different perceptions of colour, you can actively utilize different colours to magnify your message.
Contrasting- contrasting is a great way to make your message stand out.
Using light colours is actually ineffective in making a message stand out.
For one, the tendency of the human eye is to scan a light-coloured space.
If you use dark colours to contrast a very light-coloured message then the message will stand out.
For example, if you wish to advertise a current event in your business establishment you can use dark red canopies and print these with yellow text.
The text would immediately stand out since the dark red is like a 'void' that the human eye avoids.
Black and white- using black and white is not actually contrasting.
Since white denotes nothing and black denotes lack of colour, you have a 'floating text' effect on the canopy.
'Floating texts' are trickier.
What you can do is to make the text style bolder while increasing the text size.
You can also manipulate specific parts of the text to make certain words stand out.
Never use small text on the canopy.
People will not make the effort to go closer to read finely printed text.
Green- green has a special place in our list because green is the only color that has been scientifically proven to relax tired eyes.
Use the colour to complement the message.
However, make sure that text rises above the dark green colour of the canopy.
Never use black when the canopy cloth is dark green.
Your message will simply disappear from view.
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