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Example Of Team Leadership - Crucial Yet Overlooked Steps

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The first key in setting the example of team leadership for your networking organization is often overlooked yet critical to your success.
Turn this rock over and discover if you are making this same mistake that so many networkers do.
Set the team leadership example by asking the individuals in your organization questions instead of making statements.
Asking questions will get THEM talking and you listening.
A few examples of questions you can ask are: 1) why are you building your networking business, 2) what is your biggest frustration in building your business, and 3) what can you do today to massively grow your business? Then you can guide them to their next steps of building their successful business.
Otherwise, it's a guessing game.
Not only that, but by setting the team leadership example to your group by asking questions and listening, they will do the same with their group.
The second oftentimes overlooked key leadership example for your team is the psychology of WHY people take action.
There are two reasons: desire for gain and fear of loss.
Ask your team what THEIR big reason is for why they are building their business.
Pave the way for them by setting the example of team leadership by sharing with them what your big reason is for building your own business.
Is it because of your desire for a better lifestyle or because of your fear that you may lose your current income? You can help your team understand what their own motivating factors are for building their business by being transparent with your leadership example for your team.
The third crucial team leadership example cannot be stressed too highly.
This one example alone can make or break your networking business.
Everyone NEEDS to FEEL important and sincerely appreciated.
It is not enough to only appreciate someone but to EXPRESS your appreciation to them in a way that makes them feel appreciated and important.
This top leadership example for your team can overcome the biggest obstacles.
The key is SINCERITY.
If you are not sincere, your example of team leadership of trying to be sincere can backfire on you.
A few examples of expressing your sincere appreciation of your team members can be: 1) praising them in the midst of your team, 2) asking them to take on a leadership role within your group, and 3) it can be as simple as telling them individually that you appreciate them.
It does not take a Broadway production to set this leadership example for your team.
What you will find is that setting this example of team leadership not only makes your team feel good, it will make you feel good, too!
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