EyeQ As a Speed Reading Product

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Computer applications have revolutionized the world we live in.
a lot of help is available through computer programs to help you learn anything.
Speed reading can also be mastered through constant use of a computer program.
Before you decide to go in for a computer application like Eye Q, spend some time to do a cost-benefit analysis.
Eye Q claims to double your reading speed by spending just seven minutes a day with the program.
What is Eye Q? Is it something comparable to IQ or the Intelligence Quotient? Well, do not get carried away by the similarity in notation.
Eye Q is not a quotient but computer software that will help you learn and master speed reading.
Eye Q comes in two versions-a personal and deluxe, the only difference between the two being the number of users it can support.
The deluxe version can support up to ten different users.
Each user can track his progress through personalized graphs and charts.
The software program is aimed at educational institutions and students.
The philosophy behind this is that children learn a new habit faster and also if you pick something at a young age it is more likely to stay throughout your life.
What does Eye Q promise? Eye Q promises to enhance both reading speed and comprehension, all by spending just seven minutes a day.
These seven minutes are interactive and fun filled.
The product comes after a research of over 20 years and gives you a 30 day unconditional guarantee.
All these come with a heavy price tag.
One might wonder if it is really worth paying so much.
If you are a beginner to speed reading, try out the speed reading manual.
You will find plenty of tips to get started.
It may not double your reading speed in even minutes but you can see results over a week to ten days.
Books or manuals on speed reading are available at a much cheaper price and will do you good if you follow the instructions carefully.
As a beginner all you need to get started is to know how speed reading works.
Once you are aware what is speed reading and how it works, you can design your own training modules based on the techniques in the manual.
There are many sites providing free reading speed and reading comprehension tests.
Once you get started with the help of some guide, you can measure your speed and evaluate your performance.
You may not need graphs and charts to really evaluate where you are heading.
The simple reading speed tests will just ensure that you are on the right track.
The speed reading technique can be mastered by constant practice.
Upon learning how to speed read, make sure you follow the methods whenever you read.
You could be reading a newspaper or a business report, but try to read using the techniques.
As you practice more and more, your current reading speed will be replaced with a new and improved speed which will later become a part of you.

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