Bluffs - They Are Not All The Same

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Certain types of bluffs can be successful in low limit games, but not in no limit.
There are a few principles that can be established in connection with your own bluffs and those of other players.
The big loser is the least likely bluff, because he doesn't want to take any more chances.
Of course there are exceptions.
Experience bears this out.
The big winner, is usually potential buffer having made so many bets and raises through out the game and has been called with a full house, flush or some other strong hand many of the others players fold, thinking he possibly has another winner.
The big winner in a cash game or the big stack in no limit is often likely to push a flush draw.
Even if he has nothing in the hole.
If the flop shows two spades and he raises he will have the respect of others.
Often they will check.
If another spade comes on the turn most of the other players will assume that he has the flush and fold, making his bluff successful.
Beware of the raise that comes from the big stack after the others are in.
It usually means at least one spade and the hole and far from being a bluff, such a bet is designed to build the pot.
The raiser is betting on the come.
Certain players are more easily bluff than others.
Never get the two types mix.
If you're going to attempt a bluff do it against the person is who likely to throw in his hand.
Rather than a calling station.
Weak players are harder to bluff A properly handled bluff Is easier on a good player than a bad one.
The bad player, is usually a bad card reader and there for unimpressed with your bet.
The calling station does this because he feels no one should be allowed to steal a pot and he wants to keep you honest.
You can't drive out this kind of player, you may as well forget the bluff, because he is sure to be in there to the end.
Weak players are harder to bluff, because they don't want to be embarrassed when they get bluffed out of a pot.
The weak player will gladly pay money to avoid such embarrassment.
A strong player should not worried about being bluffed out.
Of course you don't want to be bullied out of the hand, but if in your opinion the cards indicate a stronger hand is out there, then lay yours down.
If someone bluffs, you, so what? You played cards as you read them.
If someone tries to bluff you again, you may be sitting on the nuts.
Being bluffed out happens to all players, don't feel bad about.
Top player can be bluffed, not constantly, but on occasion, and top player is going to win more than the player who calls everything.
The player who always calls simply to keep from being bluffed is not going to win enough hands overcome the many losses.
Bluffing is a required strategy Of course, you always want to vary your game.
You need to run a bluff yourself now and then.
Even getting caught in a bluff can help your game by giving the others confidence to call when you have the winner.
bluffing allows you in pots, even when you don't have the best hand.
Combine this with playing strong premium hands and your winnings will increase many fold.

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