Fitness Equipment Overview: The Beny Sports V-fit Ar1 Artemis Ii Air Rowing Machine

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Exercise which you can take pleasure in is always the best type. There couldn't be anything worse than getting up onto that totally uninteresting treadmill and walking continuously on and on. Aside from that, people generally use treadmills for a lower body workout which means they need another piece of equipment to condition the upper body. This is a scenario that takes up a lot of your time. The solution? Get a piece of equipment that will exercise your total body. A particular kind of fitness equipment which can accommodate this necessity is a rower. Keep reading to get some details on a low cost machine called the Beny Sports V-fit AR Artemis II air rower.

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of a possible 5 stars

Main Characteristics:

Styled after health club rowers that can cost hundreds more, this piece of fitness equipment is designed with a fully enclosed air resistance system. Even though it benefits the entire body, a rowing machine such as the V-fit AR1 focuses its attention on the arms, shoulders, and also back. Implementing a rowing machine additionally supplies cardio advantages. Since it has a powerful aluminium rowing rail, this piece of equipment folds away simply for storing purposes. Its padded seat is big, comfy, and fixed onto a resilient, smooth roller device. With a gym-style chain rowing action, the AR1 offers fluid motion, but does not have adjustable resistance. It is equipped with a balanced 7kg flywheel built with cast iron. Additionally, it has adaptable foot straps.


Roughly 250.00

Product Description:

Different from many rowers and fitness equipment in its classification, the AR1 has got the SGS-GS TUV mark-a well recognised and largely appreciated objective and voluntary certification (of products) from Germany. Products such as these are tried and certified to conform with a strict German product safety act whose stipulations are recognised all over Europe. The AR1 can tolerate a ceiling user weight of 115kg and the product weighs 19.5kg when it is completely assembled. It has got a nice-looking, chip defiant white epoxy powder coat outside covering. With portable wheels on the front frame end caps, this machine is effortless to relocate and reposition. Furthermore, it comes with sit-flat rear frame support caps. The rowing action is single/sculling. There is a row arm which is a 25mm bar and high density foam padded type grips.

Technical Overview:

The oblong tubular steel main frame components measure 80mm x 40mm and 50mm x 25mm. The oblong shaped rowing rail has proportions of 115 mm by 50mm. The assembled rower measures 44cm x 74cm x 212cm. The AR1 is deliberated for residential employment by Beny Sports who has more than ten design patents and whose entire collection of merchandise complies with strict European safety standards. The modernised items of Beny Sports are marketed in many Western European nations, South America, as well as the US. The AR1 can be found in department, speciality stores, mail order catalogues, and hypermarkets.


If you're trying to find fitness equipment like a novice-level air rowing machine, the Beny Sports line is worth a close look. It gives you a maximal blend of efficiency and inexpensiveness for people who have a low budget and are just beginning a fitness routine.

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