Best Time To Exercise Is? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons THIS Time Of Day Works Best To Burn Fat Fast!

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Who else wants to discover the best time to exercise? Do you find yourself exercising at different times of the day, but you're just unsure on which time of day is going to be the most effective for getting amazing results? Well, in this article here you're going to discover why a certain time of day is by far the best time of day to workout! Read on to learn more.
To get straight to the point, the best time of day to exercise is first thing in the morning as soon as you awake, and on an empty stomach.
Before I go into the top 3 reasons why you should do this, let me first mention this: If you are planning on doing weight training exercises or some type of workout class, etc.
, then of course this would be better reserved for later in the day after you have had adequate nutrients in your body.
However, if you want to do a simple (but effective) workout at home, then here are 3 reasons why exercising first thing in the morning is a smart decision: 1.
You burn off stored body fat...
This one is pretty much a no-brainer here.
If you exercise first thing in the morning, and you haven't ate anything, then something has to get burned off, right? Well, what gets burned off is STORED calories (body fat).
This is of course if you are doing the right type of exercises...
which I'll talk about in a minute.
You provide sustained energy for the day...
If you do the right type of exercise as soon as you awake, you'll get your heart pumping like crazy.
This in turn will provide you with sustained energy for the day.
You'll also increase your positive mood as well since endorphins are released from the brain after a good intense workout session! Imagine that: A stress-free and energetic start to your day! 3.
You jump-start your metabolism...
Exercising in the morning will also jump-start your metabolism for the day! This of course means you'll increase your body's ability to burn off calories throughout the whole day! Which Type Of Exercise Works Best For First Thing In The Morning? Well, the best type of exercise that I recommend is a body-weight circuit training routine.
This type of exercising is simple, fun, lightning fast (you can do a COMPLETE workout in 5-20 minutes), and will bring about those 3 benefits I mentioned above.
Also, you can alternate this type of exercise everyday! This means that you'll never get bored.
All you have to do is figure out which types of body-weight exercises you want to do, and then mix and match the workouts everyday to do at least 3 of these exercises in a circuit for 5-20 minutes!

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