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How can job tasks be done, if one is only focused on exceeding the standards of another, while functioning in the same team; working on the ONE objective.
Newly joined members of an organization; freshmen, are people without much experience, but they still possess a sense of pride! The framework of any working team is to have the capacity, the capability and the willingness of accepting a freshman.
The main idea is to give the individual a chance to prove him or herself.
Discrimination arises when too many comparisons are made between set targets or performance benchmarks.
On the whole, the freshman's working attitude and character will show in time.
Despite the seniority or amount of experience the person has; this individual must be willing to accept changes, and learn to cope with the environment which is not made for him or her; therefore he or she must make changes to themselves.
Motivation to move on, yet stay on Many 'late bloomers' are lost in any company if the staff themselves do the 'dog eat dog' practice.
Although it is a society we live in, where meritocracy is implemented by ranking and hierarchy, I still feel the amount of constraint the new colleague must be given some 'leeway', otherwise, it will be a norm to get a high 'churn rate'.
Imagine or visualize a scenario where you are 'stuck in a moment' of uncertainty and have no approachable person to approach.
This frustrates the newcomer as there is no assistance given, no help, absence of team spirit and even the welcoming support.
You are highly likely to, simply walk off and call it quits, or feel the hopelessness of the situation.
If the internal feelings of the individual new player get no support, working spirit; performance; attitude and confidence will slip away from the soul.
Picture the judgmental, intolerant and unequal workplace you function in.
It is a nightmare.
Like an action movie where the shards, shrapnel and pieces of anything flying around you, the shattering effect of this explosion is happening in your heart, mind and soul.
Ultimately, it causes bashfulness; as it hurts the ego.
Accolade Conversely, a supportive team of people, willing to train, help and adapt to the new team member; makes inclusion an ease.
Like in all scenarios, do beautiful flowers grow well or even exist in war zones? The probability is almost zero.
Like a domino rally, positivity leads to improvement.
Eventually, you become 'knighted' as you believe in yourself, and know that what you do, there is somebody to back you up.
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