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How to Make a Wide Nose Look Smaller

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    • 1). Choose a highlight and low light shade of facial makeup that complements your skin tone. According to Kit Spencer, author of "Pro Makeup," the low light should be one shade darker than your inherent facial skin tone while the highlight should be one shade lighter.

    • 2). Wash your face with warm water to remove any built-up oils that would interfere with makeup application.

    • 3). Use your index finger to apply the low light facial makeup to the sides of your nose. Do not apply the makeup to your nostrils, the top of your nose or onto your cheeks. Gradually lighten it around the edges so it blends with your natural skin tone. This makeup should appear no darker than a light shadow.

    • 4). Wash the makeup from your finger with warm water and dry your hand with a clean towel.

    • 5). Apply the highlight facial makeup with your index finger along the top of your nose. Rub your finger in small, circular motions over the line where the highlight meets the low light to blend. The highlight on the top of your nose with shading along the sides will make it appear thinner.

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