Children Hairstyles for Girls

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    Long, Blunt Cut

    • This girls' hairstyle is traditional and romantic. The hair can be parted in the center or on the side, and is then cut straight at the bottom, so that it hangs like a waterfall down the back. This haircut is perfect for braiding for everyday and for updos for formal occasions. You can get bangs cut into the front or not, depending on what you're comfortable with and what looks best. Unfortunately, long blunt-cut hair requires a fair amount of upkeep; young girls' hair can be prone to knots, which can cause breakage and flyaways (not to mention whining during brushing time), and the hair must be trimmed regularly to keep from looking uneven at the ends. This is a good cut for a girly-girl with naturally smooth hair who is willing to spend a little time on styling and maintenance.

    Classic Bob

    • A chin-length bob is easy to maintain and looks adorable on girls with straight or wavy hair. The hair is usually parted on one side, and can be cut blunt or with layers. A girl can use barrettes or a headband to hold her hair off her face during activity, or leave it loose for a swingy feel. A bob can be a wash-and-go style, or it can be set with rollers for curl and bounce. A longer bob can even be put up in pigtails, which is an easy and cute style for young girls.


    • Pixie haircuts are ideal for tomboys. The haircut has a feminine shape, so your daughter won't be mistaken for a boy, but it will never get in her face when she's climbing a tree or running downfield. A pixie is the ultimate wash-and-go haircut for girls, too---no styling needed except a quick run-through with a comb in the morning. A pixie can be versatile, too, depending on how it's cut. If the bangs are left a little longer, your daughter can hold them to the side with a barrette during the day but style them loose for photographs or dress-up occasions. If the bangs are kept short, she can spike them up with gel or pomade for a fun look.


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