Benefits of a Poulan Leaf Blower

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Gas leaf blowers have been growing in popularity.
They are usually cordless which is extremely convenient because you can move from place to place very easily and pick up whatever leaves, debris or flowers that litter your yard or garden areas of your home.
One reason they are more popular than electric models is that when you run out of power or in the case of the gas models you don't recharge you add more gas.
Then off you can go to gather up more leaves.
When you decide to purchase a gas, cordless model, you will find that there are a lot of different options from what features you like to what brand you trust.
Of all the different brands one stands above all the rest and that is the Poulan leaf blower.
Power This type of machine made by Poulan is a huge favorite among consumers because of its power.
It can get as powerful as 205 MPH.
This is quite a difference from other brands that usually only get up to about 150 MPH.
With a high powered engine you are able to work faster in a lot less time gathering up debris and waste products in your yard.
Coverage Power is very important but so is coverage.
There machine can cover 400 cubic feet per minute.
That is a huge amount of space that you can gather up leaves and other yard waste products with.
You will find that no other brand gives you that kind of coverage.
Mulching Power You will also love how well it mulches leaves and waste products.
It has a 16:1 ratio.
This means that it can gather 16 bags of trash and get it down to just 1.
That is really helpful and a lot of consumers love that feature.
It means less waste and more pickup with this great and handy machine.
When looking for a good backpack leaf blower or handheld leaf blower, remember that these are some features that you can look for.

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