How" s The Health Of Your Aura?

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In the past whenever I did a 'live' class or workshop that touched on using any spiritual gifts or abilities,inevitably there would be people coming to me after the class to ask me what did I see in their aura. They wanted to know the colours, if there were holes, if it was bright and so on.

The truth is I did not have to see their auras to know what the health of their aura was like. Simply because how a person thinks, operates, acts, speaks, behaves, and so on are tell tale signs of what the person's aura is like!

If a person is angry or negative, then their aura will be filled with anger energies. And if they can't let the anger go, then it is going to remain in the aura as dark energies which may also threaten to burrow deeper into the person's energy field creating holes and tears.

If a person has an addiction like smoking or alcoholism, then their auras will be dark and they will have holes in their aura. So healers who have addictions in fact need more healing than their clients themselves!

If a person eats unhealthily, it is also going to show up on their aura as slime and mucus.

If a person doesn't use their mental faculty effectively with creative thinking but are lazy to think, then the aura is also going to be dull and deaden. Then this is the kind of energies they send out and the impression they send to the world is — I am old and useless and this is how the world will see them even if they are still young.

If a person is constantly negative in their thoughts, guess how their aura is going to be like?

You do not have to be clairvoyant to know the health of a person's aura or the health of your own aura for that matter. Whether we like it or not, how we are physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually affects the health of our aura. In fact, you could say that the health of a person's aura is the sum total of the physical, emotional and mental health of a person.

I have never seen a clear aura in a spiritual teacher/healer who is also an emotional victim. Neither have I seen a clear aura in a person who procrastinates but is very spiritual in the sense of reading many spiritual books, meditates a lot but has difficulty applying what he/she has learned. I also know of people who do all the right things spiritually and physically but have imbalanced thinking and this inevitably affects the health of the aura as well.

Of course maintaining the health of your aura is important. This means that we have to learn to take care of ourselves on all the various levels well. Our physical diet and habits must be within the healthy balanced range, our mental and emotional diet too must be empowering and positive, our spiritual diet as well must be well balanced. This way our aura can do its job as an outer casing protecting us and keeping us buoyant within the dimensional realities that co-exist in this world.

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