What If She Grows Up Like Auntie Agnes?

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"The Nazis are coming! The Nazis are coming!" are what Toledo, Ohio's media were hyping all week about the National Socialist Movement's planned march in Toledo to protest black gang violence against whites in Toledo's North End.
Instead of wisely turning their backs on such a controversial demonstration, refusing to throw fuel on the fire and attract undue attention, Toledo blacks gave Bill White's best sermon.
He couldn't have done a better job as a spokesman for the NSM.
Such useful idiots proved the points he would have wanted to make and it made international news.
During the drama being played out on the stage of the streets, Toledo's miserable black Mayor Jack Ford was in denial of what he was watching.
He said it wasn't a riot, "It's a group of folks who are angry," according to The Blade reporter Roberta De Boer.
When was a riot ever quiet? Doesn't he know riots are angry mobs gone mad? When his fellow blacks angrily reminded him, "Ford, you're black! You're supposed to be one of us!" - it appeared to confirm disturbing reports of Toledo police concerns that the black community's criminal element share the belief that they can get away with murder since Toledo has a black mayor.
Different enraged folk asked "Why did you allow them to be here?" It really makes you wonder if they've ever heard of freedom of speech.
They can't all have dropped out of school.
I certainly hope those who are still in school are made to shut up, sit down and learn all about it in the coming days and weeks.
All we've been hearing from the mayor so far, and various "leaders," are excuses, excuses, excuses! The police admit they could've arrested far more than they did, but they didn't.
What about cracking down on crime? Is that just another mindless mantra to chant around election time? The soft message the Toledo police sent was the wrong signal and invites further aggression in the future, here and elsewhere plagued with the same inner-city problems of roaming black packs, gangs of goons, drugs, prostitution, racial tensions ready to explode with the slightest provocation real or imagined.
Many were outraged that they were "disrespected" by such a Nazi march through their neighborhood (that never went forward anyway).
They disrespected themselves with their shameful reaction, showing lack of self-control, logic and reason.
Lee Conklin and Company, a local television Sunday show, this morning had several stereotypical liberal Jews and blacks on it (couldn't he have thought about it beforehand and chose others?) already talking about rewarding such terrorism by throwing money at it, building community (collective) centers for the children ("children" who have nothing better to do than riot) and obviously failing to take notice that the vast majority of those arrested were BLACK ADULTS! A black woman preacher (doesn't know her Bible too well since women aren't supposed to be preachers) who could barely speak English, thought things would calm down since the religious leaders undoubtedly would be addressing this incident from their pulpits (doesn't she know that most of those gang members will not be going to Church this Sunday or any Sunday or even on the correct Sabbath day?).
There was lots of talk about "let the healing begin" and other nonsense, refusing to face the harsh reality that THE BLACK BOIL NEEDS TO BE LANCED! Only then can the healing begin! The group hugs mentality and touchy-feely stupidity are worthless in addressing the issues that must be faced.
When will those self-righteous ministers standing tall and looking serious for the cameras (when they should be shrinking in shame), those smug "rainbow" coalition of kooks, get serious and confront the lack of law and order in the black community? When will they CALL FOR AND DEMAND OF THEMSELVES AN END TO IDLENESS AND SLEAZE that leads to disproportionateillegitimate children, immorality, STD's, drug dealing, glorification of crime, high school drop-outs and other suchlack of proper content of character that Martin Luther King wouldn't be proud of? Why abdicate this responsibility to the "Klan with a tan," the racist Nation of Islam? If the black community wants some respect (sing it Aretha!), let them start with a proper self-respect and they'll get it.
They certainly won't get it by continuing to let real racists excuse their inexcuable behavior, lower the standards for them, keep them down and out to get their votes or to pay for their gilded pulpit.
Are Toledo race riots [http://toledo-race-riots.
com] a thing of the past, or do they ominously foreshadow trouble to come since it's now reported the National Socialist Movement intends to return on December 10th?

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