The Average Salary of Bachelor's Degree in Elementry Education

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    • The median starting salary for a graduate of a bachelor's in elementary education is $31,600, according to PayScale's 2010-2011 College Salary Report. The mid-career median salary is $44,400.

    Typical jobs

    • Graduates of bachelor of elementary education degree programs who work as elementary school teachers earn between $31,404 and $43,114 per year, according to the PayScale survey of 643 elementary education majors. This is about the same as those who work as special education teachers at the preschool, kindergarten and elementary levels, for whom the salary range was $31,068 to $44,000. Bachelor of elementary education degree holders who work as special education teachers at the secondary level make $35,000 to $51,596, while those who work as middle school teachers earned $38,081 to $59,415 per year.


    • Elementary education ranked 119th out of 120 undergraduate college degrees in terms of salary, PayScale's 2010-2011 College Salary Report figures showed. The only major with lower starting and mid-career median salaries was child and family studies, which paid a median starting salary of $29,500 and a mid-career median salary of $38,400.


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