Choosing An Engagement Ring - Solution Of Your Dilemma

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While choosing your engagement ring, you have to match your budget with the taste and aspirations of your would be wife. Engagement is a memorable occasion of your life and the last thing you would want is to mess up with the ring. This piece of advice would help you.

I understand your dilemma. You need to come up with a really nice engagement ring that won't break the bank too much, but at the same time you have no desire to come across cheap to your future wife.

I have a solution as well. I can tell you how to get the perfect engagement ring that would not hit your pocket and would be loved by your soon-to-be wife also.

The key is to make your engagement ring as individual as you are, or your future better half. Whether you choose diamonds or gemstones, precious metals or celtic design, expensive or value for money, the ring would suit the individual tastes of your girl.

Now, this could be tricky. Particularly if you are planning to choose the ring alone and spring a surprise on her. Even if both of you are going to choose the ring together, it could be tricky as it is difficult for many men to read a woman's mind through her words.

It is better to try and work out her taste beforehand. Ask her about rings in general on one of your dates. Clothes she wears and her existing jewelery could also drop a hint or two about her preferences. Or you could just make a casual comment about a friend's engagement ring and focus on her reaction. You could also ask her friends or family about her tastes in jewelery, but if you plan it as a surprise, it is better to try more subtle options.

You also need to get familiar with the terms that you will be confronted with while shopping for a ring such as Bands, Setting, Carat etc. The band is the circular part of the ring that is around the finger. It could be made of gold, silver and platinum, or combination of these with other metals. Setting is the part of Band which keeps the gemstone in place. Carat is the measurement to judge the purity of gold and weight of diamonds.

Decide on a ring by how it looks. Once you have covered the other aspects of the ring, it is down to how it looks. After all, it is an engagement ring which your beloved will treasure lifelong. It must suit the hand it would adorn. As said previously, it must be an add-on to the individual personality of your fiancee.

Choosing a good jeweler is another must-do in the list. Look at the store which makes you feel comfortable, and where the advice they provide gels with you. Before you visit the jeweler's shop, online or offline, decide on your budget. Select a ring according to what you can afford, or you could face hard time later managing your finances. Talk to the jeweler about price options, and the styles that are possible within your budget.

Shopping with an online jewelery store is also a good option these days, particularly when it comes to discounts. A local jewelery store would not usually provide the same kind of discounts as an online shop. There are several online stores which offer an ample range of engagement rings on low prices. Browse several stores before deciding on your designer rings Engagement is a memorable moment of your life and you need to make it memorable with a perfect ring.

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