Decisions - The chess board of life

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Decisions - The chess board of life

Do it. Do it right. Do it right now.

Life is a game of chess, the player opposite you is Old Father Time. Time is an opponent that stalks its prey with stealth and cunning. You may think that everything is fine and by staying upon the neutral ground of indecision that you are upon safe ground, but those who fail to act will get left behind. Time waits for no man and is no respecter of persons. On the chess board of life time will corner those guilty of hesitation until they are out of options, forced into check mate.

It has taken me 21 years to realise that procrastination is one of life's easiest and greatest evils. Failure to master to procrastination will result in a huge pile of regrets. Napoleon Hill wrote 'Indecision and procrastination are twins. Where one is found the other may usually be found also. Kill off this pair before they completely tie you to the treadmill of failure'. You cannot stand still in time, everything in the whole universe is in either a state of growth or decay, including your body and the quality of your life, nothing remains inactive or static. So if you are not growing, then you are in fact decaying. Either flow with the current by making the best use of your time or risk finding yourself stuck in an unpleasant life, where your options have been severely reduced.

Time can be a great advantage to those who use it; time used wisely will bring everything that is needed.

The problem is the illusion of time. There really is no such thing. When did you ever live next week? Or experience next year? You didn't, you only ever experience, 'NOW'. Tomorrow never comes, it's simply the eternal, rolling, ever present, constant moment of now. That's all you experience, all you can experience. When this realisation is made the benefits are phenomenal. You are in control, you know that if you need to make a change the only time to make that change is now, for now is the only time it can happen. You must change now, so that your future experience of the 'now' is a better one.

If you have dreams start today, with a definiteness of purpose that you will achieve them, anything less will only reap lesser results. It was John Lennon who said 'Life is what happens whilst we are making other plans'. Don't let life pass you by, follow your plans through, take action now.

Decide! Fortune favours those who make decisions promptly.
Don't wait until next week to start a diet and lose weight. Get down the gym now. It is only through lack of decision in exercise and disciplined eating that got you fat in the first place.
The girl across the room at the party you want to talk to, just round up your shoulders and do it! Don't be the guy who bottles it and ten minutes later watches her leaving with another guy, who did have the courage to make his mind up.
If you have an entrepreneurial idea, do not waver! Go right ahead put your idea into action. Or else run the risk of staying in that 9-5, job you hate, for the rest of your life.

This is not doom and gloom. I suppose my writing may have come across slightly more negative than usual but it is because I have been stung by this one. I am trying very hard now to master my time and be true decision maker, some missed opportunities have been because although I wanted them, I never quite truly decided, at least not enough for them to crystallize. But the mastery of decision making is a gift and so rewarding, it separates the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff. Time taken advantage of and used correctly will profit you no end, and there is plenty of it too. Any endeavour you have in mind there is ample time to achieve it, but you must make a start today.

Choose today,

Hesitate and consign yourself to limited options, due to your neglect decisions will be made for you


Be the master of your own mind, make your own decisions, and be free.


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