Living In The Past - Again and Again

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Do you know someone who is living in the past? Is that person you by any chance? The other day I was talking to someone who recanted, with great detail, stories from the past.
Specifically, she cannot let go of her ex-boyfriend.
He was not a good guy.
He was not good to her.
He cheated on her, drank too much and wound up leaving her.
However, all she can focus on is this make-believe story she has written in her mind about how their life was together.
When she was with him, she was miserable.
She didn't trust him.
She was sad most of the time.
As soon as he left her, however, she suddenly decided that she had to have him back.
Her ego is driving her life now.
He's been gone for over two years.
She has not dated.
She has not formed new friendships.
She just keeps talking about how she can't get over him.
She won't allow herself to get over him.
She's too busy living in the past to allow that of herself.
Even if something was the greatest thing ever, it's still in the past.
You cannot go back and relive it or reclaim it.
You cannot recreate it.
You can only create the future.
If, like this woman I was speaking to about her past, one wants that connection and that bond that one feels with someone special in their life, create it.
Create it from this point forward.
Allow the Universe to bring someone new into your life who is what you say you want.
The more we focus on what we want, the better we feel and the quicker it comes to us.
It works.
Try it.
You have nothing to lose at this point.
In the book and movie The Secret, a great film about the Law of Attraction, we are told that our job is the "WHAT".
The Universe handles the "HOW".
We have to stop living in the past, we have to stop allowing our egos to rules our present and futures, and we have to choose what we want.
The Universe will figure out the best way to bring it to us, in the best time and in the best manner for everyone concerned.
I reiterated this to my friend.
I reminded her that she could have that love she is seeking.
She told me she didn't believe that she would ever love again.
I told her that is what she's creating.
The Universe hears, "Fine.
You will never love again.
She's a wonderful person.
I reminded her of that as well.
I think living in the past is a safe place for her.
She is afraid to step out of the comfort of the pain and the ego and take a risk.
I wished her well.
I meant it.
I wish that we all have exactly what we want, now and forevermore.

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