How to Do a Sleek Hair Wrap

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    • 1). Apply a dime-sized drop of serum to damp hair. Never use too much serum, it will make your hair appear greasy.

    • 2). Dry your hair with a hair dryer. To avoid flyaway hair, dry to the left and right of your part first, while smoothing the hair down with your fingers.

    • 3). Put the hot rollers into your hair in the following pattern: one roller at the top back of your head; one roller at the middle back; one roller at the bottom back (or two rollers for long hair); one roller at the top left; one roller at the bottom left, at the ear; one roller at the top right; and one roller at the bottom right, at the ear.

    • 4). Keep the rollers in for five minutes for large waves or fifteen minutes for medium curls. Remove the rollers when finished.

    • 5). Pull your hair over to the left at the back of your head. Insert the barrette to hold the hair in place. The barrette should be placed just right of your left ear.

    • 6). Fold the hair on the left side of your head over the barrette and insert a couple of bobby pins to keep the hair in place. Hold a mirror to see the back of your head and to make sure that the barrette and pins cannot be seen.

    • 7). Spiral curl a few hair strands by wrapping the hair in the barrel of the iron, starting at the ends. This will help make the wrap look fuller.

    • 8). Add a little hair spray. From the front, the hair will look full and off to the side. From the back, the hair will look sleek, wrapping in a small twist.


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