How to Clean Out a French Drain

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    • 1). Remove all visible debris from the top of the gravel.

    • 2). Rake the gravel to pull the stones away from the pipe. Remove any debris from the stones as you move the gravel. Remove and discard all of the old landscaping fabric in the drainage trench.

    • 3). Pull the pipe out of the drainage trench. Rinse the pipe with the garden hose and use the plumbing snake to loosen the soil inside the pipe. Continue rinsing the pipe and loosening the debris until the entire pipe is clean.

    • 4). Place the pipe back in the trench. Replace gravel until the pipe is halfway covered.

    • 5). Spread a layer of landscaping fabric over the pipe and the gravel in the trench. Be sure to cover the ends of the pipe. Replace the rest of the gravel. Remove any debris from the gravel as it is replaced.


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