Beware of Anyone Telling You That How to Burn Body Fat Comes in a Jar

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Ah, to have the magic recipe for how to burn body fat! Truly, that would be the source of the fountain of youth and there would be no end to the demand for it.
There's No Such Thing as a Fat Burning Potion Weight loss has been reported to be a $30 million a year business.
If any one product really had the secret, either it would be available everywhere from Neiman Marcus to Walmart or it would be exclusively available at extraordinarily expensive spas.
Apparently, the magic potion does not exist, thus the plethora of weight loss products on the market today.
From pills to packaged meal plans, you can buy all manner of things that savvy marketers lead you to believe will be the answer to your weight loss woes.
What Does It Really Take to Burn Fat? There is still some truth in the old classic answer: Eat less and exercise more.
However, nutritional and physiological sciences have made great strides in clarifying just what that means.
At one time, it may have been taken to mean skip breakfast and lunch and walk every afternoon.
We now know that such a program is really counterproductive if weight loss is the goal.
Eating less may be part of the solution if you are addicted to junk foods, and out of touch with your body's natural signals, but cutting way down on calories will be a temporary fix at best.
What you want to do is make sure the food you eat is good for you and that you don't ALSO eat a bunch of junk.
Unfortunately, salad plus dessert does not equate to a balanced meal! You can't eat one low cal healthy food to counteract one high sugar non-nutritious indulgence.
Sorry to say, it doesn't work that way.
The More Good Food You Eat, the Less Junk You Will Crave Getting off sugar and processed foods isn't easy.
Like freeing yourself from any addiction, it takes commitment and a desire to have a healthy body.
On the plus side, though, there are no serious negative consequences.
It will take some adjustment for your "beer and wings" buddies, but you will find other things to eat together, and they may even be so impressed with your improved energy levels and great looks that they get on the bandwagon.
The more sugar and salt you eat, the more you crave.
There really is no end to that cycle, but as you cut out the salt, your taste buds will regain their previous sensitivity, and before long you will wonder how you ate that stuff.
If you really want to know how to burn body fat, look to the grocer, not the pharmacist.
Whole organic foods, including fruits and veggies, of course, but also grass fed meat, free roaming poultry, and organic eggs are the secret ingredients.
That's right, you can eat meat on a healthy diet.
All kinds of meats are great protein sources, just make sure you find organic products, and beef should be grass fed only, never grain fed.

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