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Web Design Standards - Part of the SEO Puzzle

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The World Wide Web is build on standards...
and your web site needs to adhere to these same standards - particularly if you want to garner the most traffic possible to your site.
If you're looking to develop a quality website, you need to know more about Web Design Standards.
In today's difficult economy, it's not always possible to shell out hard earned money to pay for a web design company to develop even a simple website.
Nevertheless, the importance of information on the Internet is increasing as people rely more and more on online information before deciding to purchase or invest.
The key to success of most businesses lies in online marketing.
And with today's trend -- everything comes with a "do-it-yourself" tag -- why not develop a website on your own? If you do, you'll want to make sure you adhere to the standards.
Web design standards tend to relate more to the technical aspects and formal standards used by the World Wide Web Consortium, known as W3C.
Over the years, these experts have formulated a set of guidelines and practices to help developers build quality websites through web design philosophies and methods.
A website is indirectly influenced by various factors that rule the Internet.
In addition to the W3C, other standards that can impact your site include The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), The ISO standards, ECMA international standards, The Unicode Consortium's UTR (Unicode Technical Reports) and IANA's (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) number and name registries.
There are many benefits to complying with the standards.
Your site will most likely load faster, it will display correctly on more browsers on more computers, and it will be accessible to users with disabilities.
You can go to: http://validator.
and enter your web site address - and even list specific pages - and find out exactly how your pages stack up.
The Validator will show all the errors and warnings on your pages.
Errors definitely need to be addressed, as they are more serious violations of the standards.
Warnings are often minor that, even though the page does not pass the validation process, it will still display and operate properly.
Warnings often have to do with embedding YouTube or Flash videos, or some other non-standard content.
If your site uses JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), you'll want to make sure that you are using those correctly as well.
If you run a professional site, web design standards can put you in a niche that is above the other basic websites.
How is this? Well, Web standards also play a very important role in the world of SEO.
It is part of the bridge that connects users to search engine savvy websites and makes them more accessible to everyone.
And, Website optimisation can work well for you in terms of monetization if you follow these standards.
A site that is better optimized is more likely to get better search engine rankings, and in turn, has more traffic driven to that site.
So, the potential to increase sales, or benefit from AdSense campaigns is much greater.
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