What Simon Cowell Could Teach You About Weight Loss

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Like him or loathe him Simon Cowell seems to be a success on both sides of the Atlantic, both for his brutal honesty and his some times outspoken comments.
But, what could he teach you about weight loss? Be Honest With Yourself - Are you really giving everything in your power to lose weight or are you just going through the motions expecting things to change.
For example at the end of the day, have you really did everything you could to lose some weight today, either by doing some form of exercise or controlling your calorie intake.
Be Realistic With Yourself - Do you expect to lose a huge quantity of weight when you haven't lost your first pound? Break down your weight loss goal into smaller amounts and focus on that before thinking about losing that 20 -30 pounds.
Are You Fooling Yourself - Do you really think you can lose weight on that new fad diet or are you setting yourself up for a fall? And also when you lose that weight is it going to be temporary or are you going to keep it off for good? Ignore What Others Say And Have Confidence In Yourself - If you have lost weight don't let others drag you down.
Whether it's friends or family don't let them belittle or make fun of the weight you've lost even ifs only 3 pounds and you have another 50 pounds to go.
Stay strong and you'll come out on top.
While Simon Cowell mightn't say these things, it's kind of the general vein of his thinking when he's looking for new signing talent.
You mightn't be in the running for "American Idol," but some of us need a reality check now and then, to wake us up from this self kidding and focus on where we're going.
Are you really trying to lose weight, or are you going through the motions expecting things to magically happen, that never will.

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